Alexander Guskov commented on the release of the DFA in «Ведомости»

The Bank of Russia is ready to consider the possibility of implementation of digital financial assets (DFA) on company’s public shared, if there is a market demand. This was stated by the chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina at a meeting with journalists at the financial congress of the Central Bank.

The exchange monopoly is convenient for the controller and safer for investors, says Alexander Guskov, partner of Guskov Associates (GALP Middle East). The transfer of part of the exchange turnover to a large number of DFA operators can turn the market into a «Wild West», so he supposes this is unlikely to happen. In addition, now there is no big request either from the side of the controller or from investors to lift this restriction, says Guskov. Of course, the transition to DFA can shorten the chain of intermediaries for placement and turnover, but as he notes, the savings from this may not be significant.

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